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Chase Manhattan Bank is one of the largest consumer banking companies in the world. The company has over 5,100 branches across the country, over 16,000 ATMs, and over 250,000 employees. While the company has a large presence in the commercial lending industry, it also has a strong focus on providing financial services to consumers.

One area where Chase excels is by providing loans to consumers. While Chase is well known for providing mortgages and auto loans, they can also provide personal loans. When looking to take out a personal loan, a consumer will be able to do so either through the Chase website or through a traditional retail branch.

chase-personal-loans-reviewWhen looking to apply online, the process can normally be completed within 24 hours. Chase Bank tends to be a conservative lender when it comes to personal loans and will typically want to have some form of collateral, which can include a bank account or stock certificates. Those that do not want to put forth collateral for a personal loan could still qualify for a loan if they have a high credit score and income to support the loan. Unsecured personal loans tend to take longer for the approval process, even if the loan application is completed and submitted online.

Beyond providing a typical personal loan, Chase does have some other alternatives those consumers could take advantage of. Many consumers that bank through chase could get personal financing through either a number of cash-back credit card programs that Chase offers or through a home equity loan.

loanOverall, consumers have stated that the application process is easy and comparable to other major banks. Those that would prefer to talk to a professional in person seem to enjoy the fact that there are lenders at every bank branch across the country that could answer their questions about the application process, fees, and risks with the loan.

One of the common complaints with Chaser personal loans is that the approval process is difficult, as many people do not get approved without collateral. However, most consumers acknowledge that this is standard for unsecured loans from larger banks.