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Personal Loans from Lending Tree

Lending Tree is a money lending referral service.(1) In the same way that Expedia or gives you multiple travel options based on your criteria, Lending Tree takes your personal information and refers you to lenders who may be able to provide for your financial needs. Lending Tree itself is not a bank and doesn’t underwrite loans.

How to Apply for a Personal Loan Through Lending Tree

lending-tree-personal-loan-reviewThe application process is simple. Visit Lending Tree’s website ( to fill out a loan request. You’ll be asked to provide information such as your:

  • address
  • income amount
  • estimated credit rating
  • reason for borrowing
  • amount you want to borrow

Lending Tree will share your information with five lenders who offer loan products tailored to meet your needs. Each will contact you, either with an offer or with a denial. You won’t receive a hard pull on your credit for a personal loan through Lending Tree, so your score won’t be affected (your credit will be pulled for an auto loan, however). Lending Tree can connect you with providers who loan between $1,000 and $35,000.

The Good

Based on customer reviews at Consumer Affairs(2) and Pissed Consumer(3), Lending Tree is often able to pair borrowers with lenders who can loan them the money they need. Because customers receive multiple offers, they can compare interest rates and repayment terms, and choose the lender they prefer. The borrowing process is uncomplicated and customers who are approved with a lender generally have the money they applied for within a few days. Having one-stop access to so many different lenders allows customers with less-than-perfect credit explore their options before they commit to a hard credit pull.

The Bad

The biggest complaint customers have reported is that Lending Tree linked them with lenders who pursued them aggressively. Lenders frequently begin calling customers before the customers have finished the initial application process and continue calling multiple times a day. Other customers have complained that Lending Tree’s customer service is too automated and that’s it’s difficult to talk to a real person.

The Bottom Linelending-tree-personal-loan-review-2

Lending Tree may be a good resource if you’re interested in comparing rates on personal loans before you make a commitment. Be prepared, however, for lenders to contact you frequently. Examine each offer thoroughly before choosing, and never borrow more than you need.

Lending Tree Contact Information
Phone Number: 855-813-5487
Address: 11115 Rushmore Drive Charlotte, NC 28277