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United Services Automobile Association is a banking institution that provides full banking services and auto insurance services. The company has a good rating because of fair loan rates compared to many financial institutions. Some customers, however, find fault with USAA’s customer care services arguing that the services could be better. Several customers narrate how the company’s representatives took too long before picking the phones during the loan processing period.

Joint loans

usaa-logoIn USAA, customers can apply for a joint personal loan, with their suitable financial partner. Customers find USAA’s loans easy to pay due to their rates, which are lower than those of other financial institutions.

Most providers who approve a joint loan give a maximum of 60 days of repayment. At USAA, the maximum payment time is 72 months. The maximum period makes loan repayment easy.

The quality of services offered by a firm can be depicted by its customers’ feedback and reviews. Based on customer reviews on USAA website and yelp, customers have given USAA’s ability to deliver personal loans a three-star rating signifying an average level of customer satisfaction.

Unreliable customer care

USAA conducts most of its business operations online. Their main telephone number uses a touch-tone menu, which may take time to connect to the right department. For direct departmental consultation, a customer has to look for the number online. The only alternative available to the clients is to use the firm’s email, which takes too long to be replied.

The consistent issue emerging from many customers’ complaints relates to USAA’s customer service. Some customers indicate that the bank’s rep kept asking for more verification documents before approving a personal loan application, which made the customer to doubt the rep’s competence. Another client observes that even after being a USAA member for over two decades, he was denied a personal loan that fell within his income and credit score. The client was made angrier by the fact that each USAA rep that he spoke to gave him a different explanation as to why his loan could not be approved.

Easy online application and automated paperwork

loan1Customers can make a loan request application from the comfort of their home. The online loan application is easy, and it takes about five minutes to complete. After application, a customer will receive the loan results within a short time. A customer’s application can either be denied due to a low credit score or approved in case a customer has a good credit score.

Excellent staff services

Despite the numerous negative reviews of USAA’s reps, some clients found the firm’s staff to be professional, knowledgeable and friendly. In a case of any concerns with loan application process, the staff will help to address the concerns with transparent and reliable information, projected with numbers that will assist in making a loan decision.

USAA staff will inform customers on the different types of loans provided by USAA. The professionals will even go a step ahead to inform customers on the cons and pros of taking each type of loan.